Nike M2K sneakers brown

M2K Tekno Mahogany Mink AO3108-200

M2K Tekno Mahogany Mink AO3108-200

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Nike M2K Tekno Brown - recognized classic

Nike M2K Tekno brown - branded crosses from a well-known world brand. They have a futuristic, catchy design. They are acquired by athletes, people who love sportswear. Brown color emphasizes the selected wardrobe, the image of the owner. The latest technology is used in tailoring. Design and priceless comfort will forever win customer confidence.

Nike M2K Tekno Brown - Features

Nike M2K Tekno Brown

Brown original crosses released by the Nike brand have enough advantages in order not to think about buying them. Moreover, they will cost inexpensively. You can talk about the advantages of this shoe in black forever. But it’s better to buy it once and make sure of them yourself. Of the main advantages it is worth noting:

  • design. Shoes are modern and original. This is the calling card of every new model.
  • the price. World-famous brands are often expensive. But these crosses will cost really cheap.
  • quality. The company values ​​its reputation. Each pair created is strictly controlled: the reliability of the stitches and the durability of the material are checked.
  • fixation. Support for the foot is carried out from all sides. There is an enlarged tongue that fixes the leg in front and a raised neck made of leather, fabric and synthetics in the back.
  • thermoregulation. When sewing, air technology is used. This is a fine perforated mesh. She acts as a real air conditioner, lets air through. The foot does not sweat in this shoe.
  • depreciation. The sole is filled with foam. They evenly distribute the load on the leg, making walking easier even for long distances.
  • coupling with different surfaces. The sole is made of high quality rubber. She does not slip.

Therefore, these shoes are considered one of the highest quality in our market.

Order Nike M2K Tekno Brown: how to pay for the purchase

You can order the original Nike M2K Tekno (brown) today. Payment is made to the courier upon receipt or at the post office. There is also non-cash payment.

Leave a request on the site or call our consultants at the phone numbers listed immediately. They will be happy to answer all questions that have arisen, help to figure out the choice of type of delivery in Ukraine and payment.