Nike M2K sneakers orange

M2K Tekno Black Team Orange AO3108-101

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M2K Tekno Black Team Orange AO3108-101

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Fantastic model of sneakers from the future

Nike launches new models every year, which makes fans extremely happy. Nike M2K Tekno (orange color) became a worthy continuation of the well-known series of Monarch sneakers. Crosses quickly gain sympathy among lovers of powerful shoes.

The modern model of the brand has not undergone major changes. A multilayer leather upper and a massive hem are the hallmark of the original Monarch line. Designers decorated the heel of the crosses with a bright insert and added multi-colored elements to the sole. These changes gave the model a special expression.

Why you should buy Nike M2K Tekno (orange)

Nike M2K Tekno Orange

Original sneakers are the brightest representative of the line. The main advantages of this model:

  1. Bright color scheme. The colorful, bold orange color looks cheerful, cheerful, and also stands out against the background of classic shades.
  2. Powerful outsole. The bottom of the shoe is based on Nike Air technology and provides excellent cushioning.
  3. Eyelets on the backs. The presence of additional design elements improves the process of shoeing and removing sneakers. Gives crosses exclusivity.
  4. Heel retainer. Made of PTU material. Adds a powerful look shoe.
  5. Spectacular appearance. The main design from the era of the 90s, added modern motifs. The sharpness of the corners and the elegance of carefully stitched tabs create the atmosphere of sneakers from the future.

All these points focus on the futuristic image, which contrasts attractively against the background of a massive sole.

Where to choose orange shoes

You can buy original Nike M2K Tekno crosses, orange or any other color, inexpensively in our online store. In stock original sports shoes for everyday wear and for every day.

For buyers we offer:

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The orange shoes harmoniously combine respect for the retro style and the daring nature of the future. Sneakers have all the qualities of a cult model - practical, comfortable sole, bright coloring. They will be an excellent choice for many years.