Nike M2K sneakers gray

M2K Tekno Atmosphere Grey BV0074-001

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M2K Tekno Atmosphere Grey BV0074-001

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Nike M2K Tekno Gray Trainers - Stylish

Nike crosses are a perfect work of art. They are available in various colors. From the variety of shades, each buyer will be able to choose the one that suits his preferences. Nike M2K Tekno Men's Gray Sneakers are Monarch Series.

The model in gray is intended for training in the gym, running. It is equally appreciated by those who are professionally involved in sports, as well as lovers of long walks in the city. Unique technologies thought out by the company's designers include bright stitched inserts around the perimeter of the cross so that the foot breathes. The price of this pair is low for such high quality, so everyone has the opportunity to buy shoes cheaply.

Why choose Nike M2K Tekno Gray

Nike M2K Tekno Trainers In Gray

The advantages of the model in gray can be talked about endlessly. It’s better to shod it once, and understand everything yourself. This is about:

  • depreciation. The sole, filled with foam, distributes the entire load on the foot. Therefore, in cross-country you can walk all day and not feel tired.
  • additional stabilization. Outsole retainer made of TPU material. The heel is stabilized and its contours are completely repeated.
  • quality materials. The combination of leather, synthetics and fabric. A separate role is played by the insole.

A sole made of rubber and special foam provides a reliable grip on the surface. It does not slip and does not tuck.

How is payment and delivery carried out?

We tried to make the process of payment and delivery as convenient as possible for customers:

  • The parcel is sent to the cities of Ukraine. Where there are no New Mail outlets, another postal operator works.
  • You can order delivery by courier.
  • You can get original shoes in gray from the brand in 2-3 days.
  • Payment is made by electronic channels or in cash. Paying by card, significantly save on cash on delivery service.

Leave a request for inexpensive original Nike M2K Tekno shoes (gray) on the website. Our consultants can answer the questions by the phone numbers listed above.