Nike Women's Sneakers Gray

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M2K Tekno Atmosphere Grey BV0074-001

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M2K Tekno Atmosphere Grey BV0074-001

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Nike Women's Sneakers Gray

Branded Nike gray women's sneakers are made of natural materials, have a “breathing” insole, and a sole with excellent cushioning properties. Original crosses can be bought for playing sports on the street and in the gym, walking with friends, it is convenient to move around on any surface in them. A variety of models in gray allows you to choose the option for any look: casual, sport-chic, classic, street style.

Nike sneakers gray women: reasons to buy

Nike sneakers gray women

Nike sports shoes in shades of gray allow you to harmoniously combine practical and romantic, feminine things: jeans and classic blouses, tops and long skirts, a shirt and skinny pants. In this tandem, the original cross-country looks megastily.

The company also took care of the comfort in wearing women's sneakers:

  • the upper part is made of natural materials (leather, textile inserts), due to which the shoe is comfortable in any weather;
  • inside there is a soft insole, due to the manufacture of textiles it has good breathability;
  • cushioned outsole - with Nike sneakers, you can tirelessly travel long distances while traveling comfortably along a forest trail or paved road.

Female models are lightweight, allowing you to forget about leg fatigue, move at a convenient pace throughout the day. A well-thought-out lacing system reliably fixes shoes on the foot. The non-trivial appearance, combined with proprietary technologies and high-quality materials, make Nike sneakers one of the sought-after elements of a women's wardrobe.

Where to order Nike gray women's sneakers

Make an application for the purchase of the original pair in our online store:

  • use the option "Quick order" on the site;
  • choose the dimensions of the desired pair and send the goods to the "Basket";
  • make a call and our consultants will contact you.

You can buy original shoes from us relatively cheaply. Please note that the price of women's shoes is indicated taking into account discounts from 30 - 40%. Delivery of goods through the territory of Ukraine in 2 - 3 days is provided.

Choose a payment method that is convenient for you (in cash, by card) and purchase women's Nike crosses in gray at a low price by contacting us.