Nike ZOOM 2K sneakers red

Zoom 2K White Red AO0269-102

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Zoom 2K White Red AO0269-102

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Nike Zoom 2K Red Sneakers

Nike Zoom 2K Red is a classic original shoes from a well-known brand. The company offers a unique combination of convenience, comfort and low price. The materials are synthetics, leather and red textiles. The inner insole does not soar your foot, no matter what you do. Therefore, in these sneakers you can walk all day. Comfort is ensured through the use of modern technology. And the design will surely attract everyone's attention, creating a spectacular image. The red model is suitable for any sportswear and jeans.

Nike Zoom 2K Red: Features

Nike Zoom 2K Red Sneakers

The benefits of these red crosses can be talked about endlessly. They have everything that is necessary for long-term wear, running, training in the gym and professional athletes. This is about:

  • Air technology. These shoes can be worn all day without taking off. Thanks to fine perforation and special inserts, the foot will not sweat. And no matter what the owner does, he runs, jumps, stands still.
  • Foam sole. This allows you to evenly distribute the load on the entire foot, and not just on the heel or fingers. That is, the leg does not get tired.
  • The combination of materials. The top is made of quality leather, textiles and synthetics. This provides incredible support and comfort.
  • Stabilization. The foot is supported by rubber wings rising from the sole. They go up, providing extra comfort.
  • Breathable mesh. It is located in front of the sneakers in the toe area for added strength.
  • Safe fit. This brand was achieved due to the internal insert, increased lacing, special weaving.

In order for the crosses to reliably adjoin to the surfaces, a rubber outsole is used in sewing. It does not slip, making the sock comfortable, pleasant.

Order Nike Zoom 2K Red: terms of payment and delivery

Some do not believe that these red crosses are so cheap. In fact, you can still save on shipping if you pay with a card. The goods will arrive as quickly as possible - in 2-3 days. Our company works with New Mail, Ukrposhta and many other courier deliveries. This allows you to choose a branch located in any city of Ukraine. Having agreed on certain conditions with the postal operator, you can order the services of a courier who will deliver the purchase directly to your home quite inexpensively.

You can buy original red Nike Zoom 2K sneakers today on this page, leaving a request. If you have any questions, our consultants will be happy to answer them. You can contact them by phone numbers listed on the site.