Nike ZOOM 2K sneakers pink

Zoom 2K Pink Violet AO0354-500

Zoom 2K Pink Violet AO0354-500

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Nike Zoom 2K pink - running shoes

The original Nike Zoom 2K purple seemed to come to us from the 00s. They are a practical model designed for running. Professional athletes, fans of the gym and sportswear style pay attention to her. These pink crosses will be relevant in any era, regardless of fashion trends and styles.

For the manufacture of these shoes, the company uses only high-quality fabrics, leather, the latest technology. It is convenient to walk, run, engage in them in the gym. The sole distributes the load evenly, so the leg feels comfortable even during long-term wear.

Benefits of Nike Zoom 2K Pink

Nike Zoom 2K Pink

Designers inspired by the model of the past decade have created a new, unique pink version of running sneakers. There are classic inserts that return the design to the roots of sports shoes. Rubber wings rise from the outsole, making cross-country modern and practical. Of their advantages, in addition to the cheap price, it is worth noting:

  • Air technology. This brand-patented sewing method consists of small inserts, as well as perforations that allow the foot to breathe. No matter how far you go, no matter how you run, the foot will not sweat.
  • Quality. Each pair passes the most stringent test for compliance with European standards. Everything is controlled, from materials to stitches.
  • Foamed sole. She amortizes, not letting her leg get tired. When walking, running, being in one place, the load will be evenly distributed.

To all this, we can add that the Nike Zoom 2K purple crosses are not only practical, but also beautiful. They stand out from all models existing in our market, suitable for any wardrobe.

How to pay for branded sneakers

There is an option to pay the price both in cash and electronically. Bank transfer provides for the payment of the entire amount at once. So the buyer saves on delivery by cash on delivery. You can also order a courier who will bring the Nike Zoom 2K pink to the house. We work with almost all Ukrainian postal operators, starting with Ukrposhta and ending with New Mail. Inexpensive delivery of original pink shoes to any region of Ukraine does not take more than two to three days.

To order Nike Zoom 2K pink leave a request on the website or call our consultants. Managers will be happy to answer questions, help you buy a model, and also tell you more about the benefits.