Model description

In general, the whole history of these models began with the monarchs. You can safely call Nike Air Monarch - the grandfather, the ancestor for zooms and m2k. The following can be said about these models - simplicity and versatility. And reliability is like a cherry on a cake! As for simplicity - it is everywhere in design, in technology, in care, and the biggest plus that comes from this is that the sneakers are incredibly reliable. Like an old crowbar, you must admit that it is impossible to break it, because it is as simple as a corner of a house! The same goes for the m2k, Zoom 2k and Monarch sneakers.

Let's talk in more detail about each model - monarchs are one of the most classic and most successful models. The so-called "Dad Shoes" - sneakers for dad) This model received the nickname is not easy. Due to its simplicity, reliability and affordable price, at the end of the last century such sneakers were especially popular among middle-aged men.

Zoom 2k is a “restyling” of monarchs that saw the light at the turn of the millennium. The model was timed to the beginning of the new 21st century; since then, minor changes have occurred in its design. But she enjoys popularity no less. Sneakers faithfully copy the silhouettes of the outgoing 90s.

And finally m2k - the latest model from our trinity - saw the light in 2017, became the reincarnation of the “father’s sneakers” monarch, but with a clear bias towards young people, which was primarily seen in the design. Agree - m2k most often worn by just teenagers and young people.

These models have a lot in common - an equally reliable leather silhouette, ideal for use in any weather. These sneakers are very easy to clean, just wipe them with a damp cloth. They are distinguished by reinforced toe, heel retainer, and the presence of loops for the convenience of shoes. Only the Zoom 2k model stands out from the top three — having a mesh in the structure, durable and sturdy synthetically. But in any case - the supporting base - reliable genuine leather!

In terms of the sole, there is also much in common, it is a reliable and tenacious wear-resistant rubber mixed with foam, which provides incredibly small weight and cushioning. Walking in such shoes is a pleasure. The foot will not get tired or sweat, thanks to the ventilation system and soft textile lining.

In conclusion, let's say a few words about universality - such sneakers can be worn in any weather, they are taken for the winter, they are worn in the rain, they can be seen on the street in summer and spring. They fit a different wardrobe, jeans, chinas and even trousers. The choice is yours!